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Aang also known as Avatar Aang, The Avatar and Twinkle Toes (By Toph) is the main hero of the show. Aang is the new reincarnated Avatar of the world after the death of Avatar Roku. His central form of bending is Airbending as he grew up with the Air Nomads at the Southern Air Temple. He is Katara's love interest and is voiced by Zach Tyler Eisen (Mitchell Musso in the unaired pilot).



Like monks in the real world, Aang has his head shaved bald and like his fellow Air Nomads his skin contains the tradional blue arrow tattoo's which mark him as an Airbender. His clothes consist of a yellow robe with an orange overall, brown tights and sandal like shoes. However in the fourth book he grows his hair back and temporarily wears a Fire Nation school uniform as a disguise.

Aang is usally a good natured person and is very kind and trusting to those who he doesn't know, however when something dear to him is stolen or hurt he usually enters the Avatar State and begins a search which he will not stop until he finds what he is looking for.

Aang in Fire Nation Disguise

Past Life

After the death of Avatar Roku, Aang became the next Avatar in the chain. Growing up with the Air Nomads, Aang master the arts of Airbending, meditation and flight along side his chosen animal guide, Appa. Aang was very poular among the young monks at the Southern Air Temple however he became confined to private training after the temple high council told him that he was the Avatar and became segregated from his friends but made a soul connection with his new teacher Monk Gyatso. Eventually the high counsil concluded that Aang was getting to attached to Gyatso and decided to send him to the Norther Air Temple to complete his training. Aang himself overheard this and ran away from the temple with Appa, he flew into a storm witch caused him to plumet with Appa into the ocean, his Avatar State then activated and he froze himself and Appa into a state of suspended animation where they lay at the bottom of the Southen Ocean for 100 years before being awoken by Katara and Sokka of the Southern Water Tribe.

The Spirit World

As Aang is the avatar, he is the connecting bridge that links that real world to the spirit world. Aang has entered the sprit world on a number of occasions to seek help and guidance from other spirits including Avatar Roku and Princess Yue. When in the spirit world, Aangs tatoos and eyes glow white as though he is in the Avatar State and his body is his way back to the real world som if his body is taken while he is in the spirit world then he must track it down so he can reconnect.


Aang mainly has a relationship with Katara as he has deep feelings for her and she was the first person who Aang met after he was released from the iceberg. Aang also shares a soul bond with Appa and is best friends with Sokka and Toph. Aang also has friendships with many people around the world who he has helped on his travels.

Aang's Temporary Death

In The Crossroads of Destiny, Aang was shot in the back by Azula while in the Avatar State causing him to temporarily die. Katara however managed to revive him using the spirit water from the Northern Water Tribe's Spirit Oasis.

Character Info

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